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13th-Jan-2010 12:29 pm - Baubles

Forgive my absence yesterday as it was my first day back to school for the winter semester after a nice month-long break. So weird to be back!

I take my cues today from the artist whose blog inspired me to start keeping a daily paint-blog. You can see Carol Marine's blog here (she's really good!)

Through this activity I'm finally finding myself with the unique problem of running out of canvas from my reserve, and yellow paint....? Will probably have to paint over some old paintings that are not my favourites and hope that new, better paintings result :)

11th-Jan-2010 12:14 pm - Buttons!

Imaged today is a still life of my boyfriend Jason's latest creation: buttons! Cupcake shaped cookies rolled in sprinkles and they are DELICIOUS! He will be debuting them on his bakery website Silvery Ball Bakery in a matter of days, so check them out. Perfect for Valentine's Day, *hint hint*

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10th-Jan-2010 01:29 pm - Winter Boots Pt.2

The other boot has dropped...so to speak. I gave myself a little more time this morning to get the other boot done. I think they probably look better than the actual shoes!

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9th-Jan-2010 02:24 pm - Winter boot

Today's offering is unfinished because I had to do it in half an hour before leaving to go to work but I'll probably post this painting again once it's done. I saw that Van Gogh had done a study on a pair of worn out workboots which I found really appealling. My winter boots are sorely in need of replacement-- there are 3 holes in my left boot! (and I feel quite compelled to mention this to everyone on the subject of my winter footwear) so before I send them off to the bin I thought I'd pay them ode in acrylic. Capturing their "holiness" is proving to be very difficult, but I think I've got the salt stains down. Stay tuned for the other boot.

8th-Jan-2010 02:36 pm - Acorn squash

It's the new year and my resolution is to paint/post more, barring too many assignments in school but hopefully you will see more from me in the new year.

So for my first offering of 2010 I give you lovely acorn squash, before we turn it to soup. This is painted in water-soluable oils which have the added advantage of not requiring any smelly turpentine, which has pluses all around vis-a-vis my personal health and safety :)

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14th-Nov-2009 12:36 am - Christmas Cards!
I'm beginning to work on a collection of new images for Holiday cards this year. School has not left me with a lot of flexible time but I am almost done for the semester. I just wanted to add an extra image option to my existing collection of artwork available for purchase as a greeting card.

This image employs my new favourite technique du jour, which is to coat my canvas in black gesso and illuminate the image by adding colours. It is a challenge in that you can't really see what you're doing and there isn't a lot of room to make mistakes, but it's very satisfying for me to watch my colours light up the canvas. Keep your eyes open in the following weeks for more wintery landscapes and drop me a message if anything attracts your interest.

6th-Aug-2009 01:55 pm - A bit of fun...

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I was playing around with my watercolours a few months ago and made up this tiny portraits of imaginary concoctions from my bored little mind. Came across them again while sorting through my papers. They're not really brilliant but cute enough to post.
6th-May-2009 04:05 pm - acrylic study
It's been a couple of weeks since school ended and I've been struggling with keeping my art muscles. Fearing complete atrophy I forced myself to draw/paint anything! I bought some small 5x7" boards from the dollar store and painted this. Maybe I'll continue making a few small paintings just to keep active.

Have to say once again how happy I am with the skills I picked up this semester in working with acrylics. My previous acrylic projects have not been as successful, I don't think.

*My first acrylic piece done 2 years ago. It was the first time I used acrylic since the 90s and I had apparently forgotten everything!

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